Somali Parliament session ends with out result

Mogadishu ( - Parliamentarians of Somali transitional federal government had their parliament session in their building centre in the capital, Mogadishu today on Wednesday, officials said.
News Keydmedia Online

The meeting was meant how the new elected Prime Minister Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed “Farmajo” could be given vote of confidence as he was chosen last week by President Sh. Ahmed.

Somali president Sheikh Sharif Sh Ahmed, his first minister Farmajo and parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sh. Adam have attended the assembly and both the president and the prime minister spoke at the scene.

Sharif Sh. Ahmed requested parliamentarians to give the premier vote of confidence and hoped from them excellence.

Mohamed Abdullahi, the prime minister told mps that he will do his best and also would seek their right in order parliamentarians to go ahead their duties if they approve him, he said.

There were differences about the manner how mps would take vote of confidence for the newly elected prime minister either secretly or a form of raising hands  

Number of the parliament members gathered at hole were 188, and 43 of them agreed that vote- taking should be managed secretly although parliament speaker Sharif Hassan agreed with these group.

Sharif Hassan, speaker of the parliament closed the meeting without result reached although he told Mps to return on the next Saturday.


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