Somali PM: Donors must deliver on promises (Interview)

Mogadishu, Somalia - A country whose very name is almost enough of an introduction, Somalia's reputation of unfathomable violence and desperate poverty is known around the world. In decades of civil war, it has been described as a "failed state" - a lawless home to gangs of pirates and murderers who terrorise those too impoverished to flee to foreign lands.
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Somali PM: Donors must deliver on promises (Interview)

But there is more, so much more, to this land and these people than tales of fear and terror. While no one in this country below the age of 30 has any memory of functioning state institutions - police, schools or garbage disposal - this is a nation that has never given up on the dream of peace and stability.

Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed is an economist from southern Somalia. When civil war broke out here in 1991, he sought refuge in Canada, where he became a widely respected analyst for the Bank of Canada, OPEC, and assorted UN agencies.

He had no political experience when, in December 2013, it was announced he would be taking the reins of the east African nation as its new prime minister. He spoke with Al Jazeera

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