Somali president Sharif condemns parliament speaker, Sharif Hassan

MOGADISHU ( Sheikh Ahmed, the president of the Transitional Federal Government condemned parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sh. Adam of violating constitutional law.
News Keydmedia Online

In press release from Somali’s presidential palace is said that president Sharif has severely criticized parliament speaker of the T.F.G Sharif Hassan Sh. Adam of doing what he wants and playing the law.

“The system of raising hands while voting is based on our constitution and charter and we have been performing since 1960”, president Sharif said.

Reports say that president Sharif was not satisfied with how Mr. Sharif Hassan managed the latest parliament session which parliamentarians were supposed to give vote of confidence to the newly elected prime minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo last Wednesday.

This shows that the differences between both Sharif’s is in alarming stage, although  it will not be the first rifts between T.F.G authorities and these were very closest colleagues and relatives in female-side according to the sources.

United Nations called for government officials already to solve their difference and end everything with understandable way, but they are not expected to do that, but every one of them will try acts to deprive one’s office.


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