Somali prime minister gets vote of confidence today

MOGADISHU ( newly elected Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has been given vote of confidence today on Sunday by the parliamentarians in their session they had, reports said.
News Keydmedia Online

the prime minister’s approval got into doubt and rejection after the president Sh. Sharif Sh. Ahmed and parliament speaker disputed about the way the premier is given vote of confidence either secretly or not.

Sharif Hassan, parliament speaker required that voting would be secret ballot while president Sharif and major of the parliamentarians wanted a way of raising hands.

UN envoy for Somali ambassador Augustine Mahiga arrived in Somali last week and had talks with Somali leaders in particular Sharif Ahmed, T.F.G president and parliament speaker, Sharif Hassan telling them to solve their differences and approve the minister quickly.

There were no a place that both leaders agreed with their political differences about which has arisen after the nomination of Mohamed Farmajo, prime minister of Somali transitional federal government.

391 parliamentarians gathered at Somalis lawmakers’ house today 297 of the MPS  have approved Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the premier by form of raising hands as the president Sharif and major mps were satisfied with.

The newly approved Prime Minister Mr.Farmajo and president Sharif have not attended the assembly today where mps were giving vote of confidence to the premier.


It’s not known the reason of their absences, but shows how top leaders did not solve their rifts yet.

The next crises will come when the prime minister installs his cabinet minters that will ask lawmakers to give vote of confidence.


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