Somali refugees in Yemen continue to feel scourge of Al-Shabaab

SANAA, Yemen (Keydmedia) - Thousands of Somali nationals have fled to Yemen over the past years to escape the violence and hard-line regime imposed by the al-Shabaab movement.
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Little did the refugees know that the scourge of al-Shabaab and its al-Qaeda-backed ideology would follow them across the sea? 

In February 2012, when al-Shabaab officially merged with al-Qaeda and vowed allegiance to its leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, the group announced that their members would join \"their Yemeni brothers in jihad\". 

In the months following that merger, al-Shabaab has been on the run, losing control of a number of key cities and facing a united military front of Somali government and African Union Mission in Somalia troops. 

As a result, al-Shabaab members have been reportedly fleeing southern Somalia in small boats for the shores of Yemen in an attempt to escape what many analysts say is the group\

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