Somali speaker arrives in Baidoa amid political wrangling

BAIDOA (KON) — A parliamentarian-level delegation led by the speaker of Somalia's fragile parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari has on Monday arrived in Bay regional capital of Baidoa of southwestern Somalia for an official visit, KON reports.
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Somali speaker arrives in Baidoa amid political wrangling

The speaker is being accompanied on his Baidoa visit by cabinet ministers, parliamentarians and military commanders, with reports disclosing that Jawari would diffuse political tension between two rival groups in the city.

The speaker's delegation was warmly welcomed at the city's airport by officials from Baidoa administration and cheering crowds  who have erected above the buildings on the main roads showing the emblem for southwestern state of Somalia.

During his visit, the speaker will hold meetings with local elders, politicians and civil society groups to discuss ways to bring to an end  the ongoing political dispute between the two opposing groups in Baidoa.

Baidoa, a strategic city located approximately 256km northwest of Mogadishu, Somali capital and it has been a spot for rallies and parallel regional administrations over the last few months.

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