Somalia: Businesses call the government to protect property against looting

Mugadishu (Keydmedia) - Business people in Somalia’s biggest market Bakara have called government officials to protect of the property of the people against looting as fighting continues around Bakara.
News Keydmedia Online

The spokesman of Bakara businesspeople, Ali Dhere said that the market activities have been into a complete standstill which he said affected the lives of the Somali people .

“We call the government not make Bakara a battleground” he said.

He called the warring sides to stop fighting so that business activities could resume.

Large number of businesses has relocated to safer areas inside the capital and beyond after the market was heavily shelled by African union troops backing government soldiers who said they were flushing Al-shabab militants out of the market.

Amisom recently said they do not intend engage all out war with Shabab in Bakara if Shabab withdraws from the market but if Shabab does not pull out they insist they will consider  other options.

AMISOM and the government say the market serves a source of revenue and launch pad for attacks against them, something Shabab strongly denies.

On Sunday Al-Shabab said business people in Bakara have agreed to join the war against the government.

The claims were made by senior shabab leaders.

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