Somalia holds formal talks with Somaliland in London

LONDON (Keydmedia) – Somalia and the self-declared Somaliland on Wednesday kicked off formal direct talks in London, the first face-to-face negotiations for the past 20-years since the collapse of former regime Mohammed Siad Barre in 1991, Keydmedia reports.
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The two-day talks will focus both delegates from Somalia and Somaliland a range of issues to clarify their future relations. The break away Somaliland covets to secede from great Somalia.

TFG team in London meeting is made up of interior minister Abdisalam Mo’alin Mohamed includes TFG ambassador to Djibouti, Abdi Hussein Gulwade, minister for education and culture, Ahmed Aideed Ibrahim, MP Hussein Hassan and MP Mohamed Hassan Adan.

Somaliland foreign Mohamed Abdilahi Omar is heading a team comprising of, leader of opposition political party of UCID Hon Feisal Ali Warabe, MP Bashe Mohamed Farah- 1st Deputy speaker of parliament, Ministers of the presidency and that of Labour & Social Affairs Hon Hirsi Ali and Hon Mahmoud Ahmed Barre (Garaad) respectively.

The hosting UK government wants both sides to bring an end their differences during the two-day talks in London over two options, Somaliland to reunite with Somalia or Somalia to allow Somaliland to become independent nation.

Somaliland foreign minister Mohamed Abdilahi Omar says that their first priority is the sovereignty of Somaliland while Somalia’s interior minister is expressing optimistic to end their difference through dialogue and understanding.

The talks become possible following the final communiqué of the 23 February London conference on Somalia ensued with 5 member technical committees from the two countries establishing ground rules and agenda for the final talks. - Mogadishu, Somalia

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