Somaliland: Fighting Erupts In the Village Town of Kalshale

Kalshale (Keydmedia) - Fighting has reputed again in the disputed village of Kalshale located in the province of Sool between two brotherly tribes that both call the area home. It was in November of last year when the two local clans fought over this village when one tribe tried to build water dams in the village area however the other tribe did not agree with it.
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Because of that heavy casualties were sustained from both sides and the Somaliland arm forces had to call to restore peace.

SomalilandPress reporter Abdiqani Baynah was able to speak with a local resident from the village who confirmed that a fighting began between the two clans in the afternoon when one clan attacked the village. The attacking tribe whose militia is said to be from the city of Buhoodle did not agree with the outcome of the peace agreement that was reached last month and the decision that President Ahmed Silaanyo made in the village.

Somaliland arm forces were again successful in stopping the bloodshed however the attacking tribe retaliated against the army in which two soldiers were killed and another one was wounded.  An officer who spoke with reporter Baynah on the phone confirmed the casualties and said that the village is now under the control of Somaliland army and also the army has caught four militia members.

Source: Somalilandpress

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