Somalis flee to Mogadishu amid ceaseless fighting

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Keydmedia) - Somali government forces backed by AU soldiers and Al-Qaeda linked insurgents blasted each other Friday for one straight day, killing scores of civilians and driving thousands from their homes as chaos continued to overtake beyond the capital.
News Keydmedia Online

More than 10,000 people have fled from the rebel-held Elasha-Biyaha location have poured, into Mogadishu, after heavy fighting with shells erupted early on Friday in Deynile district and its neighborhoods that forced residents to search safe areas in the capital. 

Most are victims of the indiscriminate firing of artillery and mortar shells as insurgents and government forces battle, destroying apartment buildings and houses in the process.

The shelling in some Mogadishu neighborhoods was so intense Friday that many local residents in north Mogadishu and nearby villages were unable to get the victimized to hospitals - or cemeteries. Some people buried their relatives in makeshift graves along streets under mounds of gravel.

The displacing families have asked to the UN aid agencies for immediate help in terms of food, water, shelter and other basic assistance. -Mogadishu, Somalia

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