Spokesman of Hawiye clan elders calls for traders to move from Mogadishu big markets

MOGADISHU (Keydmedia.net)-Ahmed Diriye Ali, spokesman of Hawiye clan elders called for Somali traders in the biggest markets in the capital, Mogadishu as security worsens day after day.
News Keydmedia Online

The spokesman of Hawiye clan elders confirmed that their peace calls were not listened and heard respectfully and the calls of the businesspeople in the two biggest markets in Mogadishu as Bakara and Suq-ba’ad markets not to harm people’s services, adding that marketers should withdraw their properties from those markets.

‘Since there is no peace and security, but destroying assets, dying and injuring people in the markets in every violence takes place in the Mogadishu between the insurgents and the transitional federal government backed by the African union peacekeeping forces, traders must move from the markets to the other safe areas possible’, said the spokesman Mr. Diriye.

Suk-ba’ad market collapsed earlier and Bakara market is close to disable as the shells from AMISOM bases usually fall into the market killing and wounding a lot of people there as the Islamist militias hurl mortar shells and other grenades from the Bakara market to the AMISOM and government control areas.

Ahmed Diriye said that the African union peacekeeping force’s military response causes large casualties.

However, this isnot the call from which Hawiye clan elders suggest or pay and other intellectuals in the community which the warring parts did not respect, it is not known what this differs from previous calls.


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