Talks between Government Oppositions Fail

MOGADISHU ( reliable sources from officials of Somali insurgents said that talks between them in Mogadishu ended with out result, reports said.
News Keydmedia Online

The dialogue which was going in the capital, Mogadishu and was about how the two sides could unite and share powers and unique name.

Hassan Dahir Aweys, and Muktar Robow “Abu-mansur heading both sides in the meeting and negotiations to join these organizations to together.

A lot of attempts which were about uniting these two groups had taken place earlier but there were always differences in views and clashes between them.

Mansur group  controls most of southern and central regions including the capital, Mogadishu while Aweys Group  controls only a few zones in Mogadishu and the way that links Mogadishu and Afgoi


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