Tense of fighting prevails in Gedo region, South-West Somalia

KISMAYU,Somalia (Keydmedia) — Military movement and tense of fighting between the forces of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG) and Al-shabab fighters rose at areas in Gedo region in Southwestern Somalia, Keydmedia reports.
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Eyewitnesses told Keydmedia on Saturday that Military exercises and reinforcements rose in areas like Tarata, just 40 Km west Badade town which is under full control of Somali and Kenya forces in the past few months.

“We fear fighting could erupt at anytime because somali government forces backed by tanks and machine-guns moved to the frontlines in Gedo region to capture towns under Al shabab rebels,” said resident.

The government soldiers were reportedly started military movement and searched operations at area located beyond Badade town as they reached there and created tense situation in areas controlled by Al-shabab fighters.

Residents of Tarata village said that Islamist fighters began patrolling through the neighborhoods of the town adding that the people of the town felt great fears of possible fighting between the two sides.

Keydmedia will keep an eye on the situation and shall keep you updated.


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