The ambulance officers talk about the civil ravage during the last three days

Mogadishu (keydmedia) officers of the ambulance service discovered the number of dead bodies and injured ones of the Somali civilians who live in the capital city of Somalia Mogadishu.
News Keydmedia Online

The recognized number of dead bodies in Yakshid , Bondhere, Shibis, and Shangani   districts is 18 persons while 66 injured ones have been hospitalized.

On the other hand the hospitals of Mogadishu said that the last three days the dead was 50 persons while the injuries are above 100 of people.

 The most deaths and injuries occurred in Suuq-bacaad and Sanca, the dead and the injured ones were some of the people who can’t endure the displacement and then decided to be rest in their homes.

The fighting parties of Somali government troops and African mission in Somalia (Amisom) in aside and the opposite ones doesn’t say some thing that cares the civil,

Instead they all committed that they will continue the fighting.


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