There is tense situation in Baled-Hawo

Belad-Hawo( from Baled-Hawo district of Gedo region say that there is tense situation in that city after people felt military movement and preparation for war between warring sides there.
News Keydmedia Online

The tense came as the Islamist militias who have been captured from the city of Beled-Hawo  early this week are reported to have been going to that district with war against militias of Ahlu-sunna Waljama’a and troops of the transitional federal government and loyal to Col. Barre Hiirale, an MP of Somali parliamentarian.

People in the district of Belad-Hawo, mostly women and children are fleeing from the city directing to Mandhere district which locates in the border between Somalia and Kenya after they feared for their lives.

It’s not known how the situation of that district will change and whether it will remain in government control or not in the coming hours if the clashes renew there.

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