Two explosives in Mogadishu kill, inure government troops

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) - At least two of Somali military forces killed and five others were injured on Tuesday, after twin explosives shocked at a checkpoint in km7 in southwest Mogadishu where more troops are stationed.
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Two explosives in Mogadishu kill, inure government troops

Eyewitness told to Keydmedia that first explosion happened at a place where government troops have been taking illegal money from civilian buses.

He added that the blast killed one soldier and injured two others, and also damaged battle wagon.

After minutes another blast accrued and caused a huge casualty, there are yet no further details.

All the injured, including serious were taken to hospitals, and these twin blasts came after five Al-shabab fighters who dressed Somali military uniform on Monday attacked AMISOM base in Maka Almukara road in Mogadishu with gunfire and suicide and killed two of AU forces and four others injured before two of the attackers are killed.

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