Updates on Egypt: Timeline of Events in Past 24 Hours

Cairo (Keydmedia) - The situation in Egypt is pacing too fast with a fury of pro-democracy protesters whose demand for change has been unwavering in the face of mounting violence from pro-government supporters. The demonstrators continue the push at Tahrir Square today, where tens of thousands of people are expected to join for a "Day of Departure" after the Friday prayers.
News Keydmedia Online
  • Obama administration begun discussing with their Egyptian counterparts in Cairo for possible changes in Mubarak presidency with vice-president Omar Suleiman.
  • Mubarak gave an interview with the ABC television saying "If I resign today, there be chaos." 
  • Vice-President Omar Suleiman called for the opposition, Muslim Brotherhood, to opening talks with the government, but the opposition rejected the offer by conditioning the talks with the resignation of the embattled President Mubarak.
  • Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of UN

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