Wagosha leader meets Somali President in London

London (KON) - The chairman of Wagosha Movement of Somalia Eng Yarow Sharif Aden and the President of the Federal Government of Somalia have met in London, shortly after the international conference on Somalia.
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President Hassan and Engineer Aden discussed range of issues, including the reconstruction of Somalia, formation of the regional administrations, including the Jubbaland disputed plan.

During the meeting the leader of Wagosha Movement, expressed the support of Wagosha people to the new federal government of Somalia and President Hassan. “We fully support the government and its plans to stabilize Somalia after decades of civil war and destruction, and we will show this in action” said Engineer Aden, who is former senior official in Somalia’s mineral and water ministry.

President Hassan has in the meeting reiterated his pledge to serve all Somalis regardless of their political and regional affiliation, adding that justice will be the base of everything in the country.

Regarding the issue of Jubbaland administration, Eng Aden said the Wagosha people do fully support President Hassan’s initiative of bottom-up approach of setting up all-inclusive regional administrations in the country. He said the illegitimate conference in Kismayo by a single clan does not reflect the reality in the country, and that will lead to fresh fighting among the Somali clans, who are already tired of the endless civil war.

President Hassan has reassured all Somali people that every clan in Jubba regions will have its rights observed in any political process in their lands without hindrance.

Earlier Eng Aden attended the Chatham House setting agenda meeting for Somalia’s International London conference.

Wagosha Movement of Somalia

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