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Warar Keydmedia Online | 22 July 2021

For more than two weeks, operations aimed at chasing the terrorists from their remaining pockets have been underway in the southern Mudug region with the troops gaining control of several strategic towns.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 22 July 2021

On Wednesday, the regional state said 50 militants, including foreign fighters with Al-Shabaab, were killed in a fresh airstrike. 

Warar Keydmedia Online | 18 July 2021

Puntland which has lost key officials in the battle against the terrorists for years executed 21 alleged Al-Shabaab fighters in different places last month, the highest number killed by firing squad in a single day.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 17 July 2021

The town has been changing hands between SNA and Al-Shabaab for months as the fighting intensifies in central Somalia.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 17 July 2021

Somali military officials told Keydmedia English Service that at least seven Al-Shabaab members were killed in the operation and multiple weapons and military equipment were seized during the anti-al-Shabaab push.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 16 July 2021

An official statement from the Al-Shabaab said that at least seven soldiers were killed in the blast that targeted the allied forces from Galmudug and Somali national army [SNA] while 4 vehicles were burnt.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 15 July 2021

He said the shelling followed a ground operation by Kenyan forces after Al-Shabaab attacked Jubaland forces traveling near Kudhaa in the Lower Jubba region early on Wednesday morning, which the militant group said killed 8 soldiers. 

Warar Keydmedia Online | 12 July 2021

With both regional states still reeling from Al-Shabaab-claimed attacks that killed hundreds of Somali people, including top officials. 

Warar Keydmedia Online | 5 July 2021

The skirmish erupted after members of Al-Shabaab attacked a military base in Dinsor district from several directions, leading to a deadly gun battle.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 4 July 2021

Since the removal of the moderate Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a from power by the Somali government, Al-Shabaab has gained a space to launch attacks against key towns in Galmudug regional state.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 30 June 2021

The move comes just six months after the Trump administration has pulled hundreds of American soldiers out of Somalia.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 28 June 2021

At least 30 people, including 13 civilians are confirmed dead and thousands displaced by the voilence. 

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