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Warar Keydmedia Online | 5 August 2021

The regional leader briefed the visiting the UN delegation on the latest gains made by the Somali national army [SNA] and Galmudug forces in the anti-al-Shabaab military operations in the Mudug region.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 5 August 2021

The fresh operation, according to the Somali military is aimed at reopening the main roads blocked by Al-Shabaab, which has led to skyrocketing inflation and a humanitarian crisis faced by the residents.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 4 August 2021

Illegal fishing off the coast of Somalia has been exploited by high-ranking officials in the Farmajo-led government in Mogadishu. 

Warar Keydmedia Online | 3 August 2021

As Somalia holds clan-based indirect elections this year, every Federal State has its own electoral body that works with the Federal-level committee appointed by the PM.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 3 August 2021

The man has been a member of the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab group which is fighting to oust the UN-backed Somali government. 

Warar Keydmedia Online | 3 August 2021

The ruling Kulmiye led by Muse Bihi party lost to the opposition on May 31 parliamentary election in Somaliland first since 2005.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 2 August 2021

The local authorities said the aim of the sweep was to ensure the security of the city ahead of the parliamentary election which is due to kick off in the coming days.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 1 August 2021

The US military provides continued air support to their partner Somali forces fighting Al-Shabaab on the ground. 

Warar Keydmedia Online | 29 July 2021

During the talks, Prime Minister Roble thanked the British Government for its continued support to his country in security, humanitarian and state-building. UK military trains SNA soldiers in Baidoa base.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 29 July 2021

Ilyas Badal Gaboose became the first Senator elected to the Upper House chamber of Somalia's 11th parliament. 

Warar Keydmedia Online | 29 July 2021

Yasin only made public the naming of Abas Ya’qub as NISA deputy boss, replacing Kulane who was relieved of his duties last Friday after barring the ex-Gedo governor from traveling at Mogadishu airport.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 28 July 2021

Troops from the Somali regional state have been deployed to the scene of the latest clashes between Somali pastoralists and Afar militia. 

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