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Warar Keydmedia Online | 10 April 2021

According to a leaked document exclusively obtained by KON, the command of the AMISOM has been dragging its feet all the way in releasing the blood money it pledged to give to the families of the victims.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 4 April 2021

Sources tell KON that the SNA chief himself escaped unharmed from a car bomb explosion that was targeted his convoy carrying troops at the Lafole area near Mogadishu while heading to the attacked areas as reinforcement.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 1 April 2021

Janan has surrendered himself to the Somali government in exchange for $2.3 million offered by NISA head Fahad Yasin.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 31 March 2021

Police and intelligence forces have been deployed to main streets close to the parliament house. 

Warar Keydmedia Online | 16 April 2021

The United States Department of State threatened to sanction and travel restriction against Somali President Farmajo after he has signed a controversial bill extending his term in office by two years.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 15 April 2021

On Thursday, April 15, Somalia's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Balal Osman, a close ally of Farmajo held a meeting with Russian Envoy to Somalia and Djibouti Mikhail Golovanov at Mogadishu Airport.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 14 April 2021

They previously placed sanctions on many districts including Diinsoor after surrounding the entire district to disconnect from receiving humanitarian aid with Barawe, the state’s capital facing a similar offensive from the group.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 14 April 2021

“With due respect, we urge all of you in, in general, to return to the talks to end the deadlock surrounding the election without pre-conditions,” said Abukar Gurey, a respected peace-maker.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 14 April 2021

Speaking to the reporters before he was taken into custody, Aden said that the governor of the Central Bank of Somaliland, Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi was behind the issuance of his arrest warrant.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 14 April 2021

The implementation of the divisive bill could pose serious obstacles to election dialogue and further undermine peace and security in Somalia as it violated the provisional constitution of the country.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 13 April 2021

Last night, the state-run television of SNTV claimed that the leaders of Hirshabelle, Galmudug, and South-west State welcomed the extension with the two unanimously agreed.

Warar Keydmedia Online | 13 April 2021

The former Minister has called on the Somali people to stay awake and decide the fate of their nation as the outgoing President extended his term to stay in power without the consent of all.

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