Ex-NISA chief arrives in Mogadishu as he faces murder charges

The sacked former intelligence chief Fahad Yasin was arrested last Friday in Djibouti by airport authorities while on transit to Somalia's capital, Mogadishu from Turkey.

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Ex-NISA chief arrives in Mogadishu as he faces murder charges

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The former director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency [NISA], Fahad Yasin touched down at Mogadishu airport this morning, just five days after he was arrested at Djibouti airport while on transit to the country flying from Turkey.

Fahad was fired as NISA boss earlier this month after being accused of the kidnapping and subsequent murder of senior Ikran Tahlil, the head of the spy agency's cybersecurity department. 

After Somalia's ministry of aviation ordered all private airlines not to bring Fahad Yasin to Somalia, he arrived in Mogadishu on Tuesday on a private jet via Ethiopia, according to the sources.

Somali security agencies said Yasin was stopped in Djibouti after his team mobilized forces at Mogadishu airport to protect him upon his arrival after a lawsuit against him was filed in court.

The family of Ikran Tahlil called for justice after NISA announced early this month that the girl was killed by Al-Shabaab, a claim that the terror group has strongly denied as "fake news".

Fahad who uses at least ten passports is the prime suspect in Ikran's killing and the military court prosecutor is investigating the case also involved by Abdullahi Kulane and Yasin Farey.

Farmajo, the outgoing Somali president the trying to prevent his close friend, Fahad Yasin, from prosecution as he appointed him to serve as his National Security Advisor after being removed from NISA by PM Roble.

The top leaders clashed over the sacking and appointments, leading Farmajo to suspend the PM's powers this week, citing he made hasty decisions and beyond the country's consitution. 


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