NISA chief accused of inciting violence in Mogadishu

Their move has met with anger by some including Fahad Yasin who found himself in the middle of nowhere who hardly believed to have taken them for granted in his fight.

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NISA chief accused of inciting violence in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somali Intelligence chief, Fahad Yasin has been accused of plotting military action against the opposition after taking up positions in parts of Mogadishu after embattled President Mohamed Abdullahi extended his term in office by two more years through Lower House a controversial vote on April 12.

Sources revealed to KEYDMEDIA English that the NISA boss is against any peaceful means to end the ongoing crisis in the country that resulted from the electoral dispute, leading to violent clashes between SNA forces divided into two rival sides that took place last Sunday night.

A new political disagreement emerged between Farmajo and the caretaker Somali PM, Mohamed Hussein Rooble after the latter sided with the leaders of Galmudug and Hirshabelle in their rejection of the unconstitutional extension term which threw the country into a precarious situation. 

The international partners, including the U.S., put pressure on the outgoing President, forcing him to go against his will to stay in power beyond his mandate that expired on February 8, 2021, without an election and a predecessor in place. 

According to insights obtained by KON, the Galmudug leader, Ahmed Abdi Kariye alias (Qoor-Qoor) has been previously siding with Fahad Yasin and his colleagues including Abdishakur Mire and the national security adviser to the outgoing President, Abdi Said in the first place but changed his mind to join his fellow regional leaders in the rejection of the term extension.

The shack move by Qoor-Qoor and Gudlawe to change sides has irked Fahad Yasin who heavily invested in their elections and long relied on them to win his bid to hold Farmajo in power.

With his words falling on deaf ears, Yasin paid an emergency secret trip to Ethiopia and Eritrea after the opposition troops seized control of much of the city, with news obtained exclusively by KON reporting that he came back Mogadishu with troops and weapons from Asmara.

This is a clear signal that the NISA head is plotting war in the capital by using the Somali national army [SNA], especially those trained by Eritrea and Turkey to drive the opposition out of their pockets around the presidential palace. 

The situation in the country’s capital still remains uncertain with the people are afraid of an imminent battle that forces thousands to flee their houses in Hodon and Howladag districts, where Sunday's clashes occurred.

The fear was exacerbated by rumors circulated on social media that the outgoing President might dare to sack acting PM from the Office that could lead to an eruption of war between the rival sides in the capital.


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