Fahad Yasin levels serious allegations against new NISA chief

NISA's reputation has been damaged by allegations of being infiltrated by Al-Shabaab militants who held senior positions during Fahad Yasin's leadership.

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Fahad Yasin  levels serious allegations against new NISA chief

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Fahad Yasin, the former director of NISA, has leveled serious allegations against his successor Mahad Salad, who has recently taken the office and begun reforms within the intelligence agency.

In his first-ever interview, Yasin blamed the new NISA director for collaborating with the terrorist group Al-Shabaab and facilitating deadly attacks in Somalia, including Dec 2020 bombing in Galkayo aimed to assassinate Somali PM Mohamed Hussein Roble.

Fahad who is in Turkey did not present any evidence to support his claims. He said NISA has averted several attacks and attempted assassinations of high-profile officials by the Al-Shabaab group.

Mahad has been working secretly with Al-Shabaab for about 10 years. NISA has obtained his information and prevented a number of plots, some aimed at top officials and the parliament," said Yasin.

He also accused Mahad Salad of handing over Ikran Tahlil, a female NISA operative to Al-Shabaab whose assassination last year shook Somalia at a time of political and election crisis.

Mahad Salad, an ally of Hassan Sheikh is yet to respond to Yasin's accusations that many political experts see as a political attack intended to stain his image and NISA's credibility.

These allegations are similar to those made against Fahad Yassin during his tenure as NISA director. Fahad confirmed he was a member of the Islamic group of Al-Itihad fought against Ethiopia. 


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