Ex-spy chief denies supporting Famajo’s term extension

The outspoken critic however denied saying that the outgoing President has had enough in ruining the system of governance and the emerging dreams of the people.

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Ex-spy chief denies supporting Famajo’s term extension

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Abdullahi Mohamed Ali alias (Sanbalolshe) who was the former Chief of NISA has denied rumors circulating on social media that he supported the illegal two-year extension term made by the Lower House chamber of Somali parliament for the outgoing president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Aril 12.

Speaking to large audiences in the Clubhouse, he has termed the allegations as "baseless" and called on people in Mogadishu, including politicians and candidates to rejoin hands and stay united against Farmajo's dictatorship which threatens the security fragile democracy, and cohesion of the country. 

The outspoken Farmajo critic however denied claims he is pro-extension, saying that Farmajo has ruined the system of governance and the dreams of the people to have peaceful and timely elections at the end of his mandate on February 8. 

He also welcomed the Hawiye Clans Conference that took place in the capital on Tuesday and applauded the continuous efforts to find an enduring solution to the current political impasse in Somalia.

The Hawiye forum was held under the theme of "No extension" with the attendance of former leaders, traditional elders, influential politicians, MPs civil society, and women's groups.


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