Intelligence report warned terrorist attack in Somalia

Local officials and security personnel in the Somali capital have not commented on the warning.

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Intelligence report warned terrorist attack in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The foreign mission in Mogadishu has issued an alert stating it had received information that a terrorist attack was imminent in the Somalia capital between 30-06 June 2021.

The warning indicated that possible targets include the Immigration HQ, Ma’ida Hotel, Hawa Taako Hotel, Jazeera Hotel, Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Liido Beach, Maka Al-Mukarama road, Villa Somalia Checkpoints, and NISA Checkpoint.

 The mission did not provide any clarification concerning the nature or source of the information it had received but it comes as Somalia is celebrating its 61st independence anniversary.

The people have been advised to avoid visiting mentioned Government Offices and Hotels during alerted days. No incident has happened on the 30th of June but this doesn't mean the warning to be ignored as the terrorist could change their attack date.

The threat of terrorism is high in Somalia, mainly in Mogadishu, the seat of the government where bombings and assassinations blamed on Al-Shabaab militants still occur often.

Somali Government security agencies mostly ignore warnings from the foreign intelligence agencies and embassies based in Mogadishu that have led to several recent bombings, the latest was the Al-Shabaab raid on the Afrika hotel along the airport road in February this year.


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