Key meeting in Mogadishu ends without progress

The meeting came days after the ministers of finance for the regional states suspended cooperation with the Federal Finance minister.

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Key meeting in Mogadishu ends without progress

MOGADISHU, Somalia - On Monday, September 5, the ministers of the regional finance ministers and the finance minister of the federal government of Somalia opened talks in Mogadishu.

Keydmedia Online has learned from multiple sources that the meeting was divided into two phases, the first one was attended by the employees of the ministries such as directors, while the second phase was attended by the ministers, and it discussed how to resolve the standoff between both sides.

The ministries of finance in the Federal States stopped all cooperation with the Federal ministry of finance at the end of last month, after accusing it of violating agreements on the share of the donor funds and other resources in the country.

Yesterday's meeting that took nearly 20 hours ended without any result, the sources added. The new government seems changed all previous policies toward the Federal Member States in Somalia.

The regional states want to be given $50 million from the World bank donated $100 million package, while the Ministry of Finance allocated them $2.5 million dollars, which they rejected together.

It is not clear if the conference will resume or whether it has collapsed.


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