Plane crash lands at Mogadishu airport, bursts into flames

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Footage shows the plane skidding on its belly and smashing its nose before it skids to a stop and its left-wing catches fire.

Plane crash lands at Mogadishu airport, bursts into flames

MOGADISHU, Somalia - A plane carrying 36 people caught fire after it was forced to crash land at Mogadishu International Airport when its front landing gear failed, authorities said.

A Fokker 50 plane registered in Kenya which is operated by Jubba Airways went sliding on the seaside runway and caught fire. A video on social media showed screaming passengers fleeing from the scene after the plane burst into flames.

All people, including the crew, have been rescued. Three people were injured in the dramatic incident that took place when the domestic flight from Baidoa city crash-landed upon its arrival.

Passengers could be seen evacuating by walking along the plane's right wing and running away to safety as firefighters work around the clock to put out the blaze.

After the crash, all flights to and from the airport in the Somali capital have been halted for safety reasons. Authorities began an investigation into the incident.


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