Puntland, Jubaland leaders to meet PM Roble in Garowe

The leader of Jubaland Ahmed Madobe has today arrived in Puntland on a visit that focuses on the parliamentary election. 

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Puntland, Jubaland leaders to meet PM Roble in Garowe

GAROWE, Somalia - Puntland leader Said Deni will host tripartite talks in Garowe this week with his Jubaland counterpart Ahmed Madobe who reached the city today, and PM Roble.

Sources confirmed to Keydmedia Online that the meeting will bring together the leaders to discuss the election of the MPs of the Lower House and other key election-related issues.

The talks in Garowe will also dominate Deni's bid for the Somali presidency as he seeks help from his long ally Ahmed Madobe who is making power-share bargaining with his MPs.

Deni manipulated the Senate election in Puntland in August after members of his cabinet won the seats, a move that raised the eyebrows in Somalia as the state leader eyes the top seat.

Madobe is reported to be planning to back Deni to win the upcoming presidential election. He counts on 43 lawmakers elected from Jubaland and 37 from Puntland to vote for him.

Somali PM Roble who is heading to Dhusamareb, Galmudug for a trip on assessment of the election preparations will proceed to Garowe, where he will join Madobe and Deni in the talks.


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