Somali PM to face the parliament Monday

Barre was appointed on June 15 by President Hassan Sheikh. He has been doing around-clock consultations with top leaders of the country for weeks.

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Somali PM to face the parliament Monday

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The newly appointed prime minister of Somalia is expected to face the parliament on Monday, July 25 as the people are waiting to see his cabinet line-up.

The members of the Lower House and Senate will meet at Villa Hargeisa within the presidential palace, Villa Somalia after a request from the Prime Minister, according to the house statement.

Tomorrow, Monday, July 25, there is a meeting of the National Assembly. The agenda of the session is to debate a Request from the Office of the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia," reads a message sent to the legislators on Sunday.

The circular from the office of PM Hamza Abdi Barre to the Parliament of Somalia is to ask an extra time to name his Cabinet, as tomorrow marks a 30-day period for the nomination deadline

Barre will submit a request to the council for a 10-day extension based on the appointment of the new Cabinet of Ministers as his mandate ends on July 25, 2022," a lawmaker told KON.

The Prime Minister was appointed on 15 June 2022 by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the president of Somalia who won re-election on the May 15 presidential election in Mogadishu.


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