Somali president wraps up ‘fruitful’ first visit to Turkey

Turkey is seen as the biggest partner of Somalia in terms of security, development, and education with the two countries now eyeing increased cooperation.

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Somali president wraps up ‘fruitful’ first visit to Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey – Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud concluded a three-day official visit to Turkey on Wednesday at the invitation of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In a joint press conference on Wednesday in the presidential palace in Ankara, Mohamud and Erdogan told reporters that both countries agreed to enhance the bilateral ties at economic, security, and investment levels.

Erdogan said both nations share historic brotherly relations dating back to the Ottoman Empire that is getting stronger and stressed the importance of Somalia's stability and security for the horn of Africa.

“Turkey will continue to stand with Somalia in the international arena,” said Erdogan, adding that Ankara will deliver life-saving humanitarian assistance to the country.

For his part, President Hassan Sheikh said Somalia greatly appreciates Turkey for its unwavering and continued support in military, humanitarian, and development areas.

I discussed with Erdogan a range of issues of mutual interest, including the humanitarian situation in Somalia which is caused by severe drought, and how to help the people in dire need of help,” said Mohamud.

Turkey and Somalia have signed a deal on trade and security cooperation with Ankara and pledged to build a Somali embassy in the capital, according to the statement.

The president is accompanied by defense minister Abdulkadir Mohamed, NISA boss Mahad Salad, security advisor Hussein Moalim and the chief of staff on his trip to Turkey.

Mohamud paid his maiden visit to UAE last month before Turkey. He is expected to return to Mogadishu in the coming hours, according to sources close to his office.

Turkey has taken on a deeply influential role in bringing Somalia's 2011 famine situation to international attention after Erdogan visited Mogadishu as he was a PM.

Ankara has opened the largest embassy and military base in Mogadishu since then and continued to boost ties with the Horn of Africa, which is located in a strategic region.


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