Somalia sends fish to Ethiopia in exchange for Khat

Somalia has established close ties with Ethiopia after a fallout with Kenya last December. 

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Somalia sends fish to Ethiopia in exchange for Khat

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia has announced on Sunday it exported fish to neighboring landlocked Ethiopia in exchange for Khat, narcotic leaves widely chewed in the country.

This has come after the two countries have inked a trade deal with the presence of Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia, Abdulfatah Abdullahi Hassan, and Somalia’s Minister of Fisheries, Abdullahi Bidhan along with other government officials. 

During the signing ceremony, the officials have flagged off the 5000 tons of fish on Sunday that was dispatched to Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital by plane.

Bidhan who briefed outgoing president Farmajo on the shipment of the fish to Addis Ababa said the move was aimed to balance trade as Ethiopian exports Khat to Somalia.

"The Somali government has always strived for trade balance. If we work together and continue our efforts, we will get more demand to export our fish to many countries," he said.

The Minister of Fisheries announced that the reason for the ban on Miraa was that the Kenyan government had refused to take the fish from Somalia in commerce exchange.

In 2018, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia leaders have signed a trilateral agreement for multifaceted cooperation in the trade, security, and defense in Asmara following talks.


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