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News Keydmedia Online | 13 July 2022

During the closed-door discussion, the top officials made direct contact with Puntland President Said Deni, who is currently abroad, and discussed ways to de-escalate the rising tension in Bossaso.

News Keydmedia Online | 11 July 2022

Bossaso was hit by a deadly clash on Monday morning after a humanitarian flight was turned back by troops acting on an order by the Puntland state.

News Keydmedia Online | 8 March 2022

For the past years, Puntland businessmen have been putting pressure on the government to end the DP World, saying they are disappointed with investing in the port of Bossaso as long the impediment exists.

News Keydmedia Online | 7 March 2022

Deni escaped unhurt in the attack which was later claimed by the Al-Shabaab militant group which has bases to train and stage attacks in the Bari region's mountains, mainly in Galgala.

News Keydmedia Online | 9 February 2022

The deadly explosion has sent a plume of black smoke into the sky as ambulances rushed to the scene to transport the wounded to a nearby hospital for treatment.

News Keydmedia Online | 25 December 2021

Bossaso war has claimed the lives of more than 20 people and displaced thousands of residents who are currently facing lack of shelter, water and food outside the port city.