Fighting kills 10 after acting president’s plane ‘denied Bossaso landing’

Bossaso was hit by a deadly clash on Monday morning after a humanitarian flight was turned back by troops acting on an order by the Puntland state.

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Fighting kills 10 after acting president’s plane ‘denied Bossaso landing’

BOSSASO, Somalia - An official says at least ten people, including civilians, have died in a fierce battle renewed in Bossaso, a port city on the Gulf of Aden which is under Puntland state control.

Today's skirmish flared up after the UAE-trained Puntland Maritime Police Force [PMPF] protecting the city's airport denied a plane carrying the acting Somali president Sadia Yasin from landing.

The move sparked heavy fighting between PMPF and US-funded Puntland security force [PSF] who arrived at the airport to protect the acting president, who was bringing much-needed medical aid.

At least ten people, most of them soldiers from both sides have died in the clashes that come amid a standoff between Puntland president Said Deni and PSF over the control of the lucrative port city.

Sources revealed to Keydmedia English that president Deni has ordered the Acting President's plane to be turned back to prevent her interaction with rival officials in charge of Bossaso security.

The humanitarian flight was forced to make a U-turn and returned to Mogadishu, where it took off early on Monday morning. Somali government is yet to comment on the matter so far.

Yasin, who hails from Puntland is serving as the first deputy speaker of the Federal Parliament. Bossaso is now sliding back into a conflict that if not averted would cause deaths and destruction.

Deni is at loggerheads with new Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud after he failed in his bid to become the prime minister. He lost the May 15 presidential election to Mohamud.

Puntland, the oldest Federal-State in Somalia has seen its worst crisis since Deni, a close ally of the United Arab Emirates took the office in January 2019. He was accused of incompetence by his critics.


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