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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

News Keydmedia Online | 19 May 2022

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has welcomed Biden’s decision as an important step towards the stability and fight against terrorism in his Horn of Africa country which is dealing with the threat of the Al-Shabaab group.

News Keydmedia Online | 18 May 2022

Mohamud is not a newcomer, he served as 8th president between 2012 and 2017. His administration was plagued by corruption, with an elite inner circle - The damul-Jadid group looting public lands in Mogadishu.

News Keydmedia Online | 17 May 2022

During his previous term between 2012 and 2017, Mohamud’s administration was accused of massive corruption, favoritism, and mismanagement that led to failure in moving the country forward.

News Keydmedia Online | 17 May 2022

Pervasive corruption also continues to be an issue — Somalia sits near the bottom of Transparency International’s world corruption index, ranking 178 out of 180 nations alongside Syria.

News Keydmedia Online | 16 May 2022

Mohamud won Sunday’s competitive election held at the airport hangar, Afisyoni after defeating the incumbent Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo by 214/110 votes during the third round of the election.

News Keydmedia Online | 2 June 2021

Mohamud who served in office 2012-2016 escaped unhurt from fire by security forces at a checkpoint on his motorcade near the Benadir regional court complex in the ancient Hamarweyne district.

News Keydmedia Online | 3 June 2021

The former president has escaped unhurt from the shooting on his convoy in Mogadishu on Wednesday.