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Tuesday 28 February 2012 22:39

2 soldiers killed, 7 injured in southern Somalia attack

KISMAYU, Somalia (KEYDMEDIA) – At least two soldiers dead and seven others wounded in a heavy fighting between TFG troops backed by Ethiopian army and Al-Qaeda linked rebel group of Al-shabab in Luq town of Gedo region, south of the country, officials and witnesses say on Tuesday.

Teaser Image 2 soldiers killed, 7 injured in southern Somalia attack

Witnesses told Kedmedia English News that the battle flared up after the rebels have launched an ambush attack on a base at Luq bridge which is controlled by TFG and Ethiopian troops where face-to face fighting started and continued for hours.

“Al-shabab rebels shelled down overnight on a TFG and Ethiopian base at Luq Bridge not fear from my village. Both sides exchanged heavy gunfire, including mortars and machine guns, forcing locals to flee from their houses,” a villager in Luq told Kedmedia English News by phone.

Mohamed Abdi kalil, the governor of Gedo region for Somali government told reporters that a number of heavily armed Al-shabab insurgents have launched hit and run attack on a base in Luq on Tuesday and he said the soldiers fought back the militants and managed to maintain the control of the area.

Mr.Kalil noted that his troops and their allied Ethiopians inflicted heavy losses upon the attacking Al-shabab rebels during the combat.

Al-shabab has not so far made any comments about the battle and TFG claim.

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