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Tuesday 20 March 2012 08:23

Al-Shabab takes over key central Somalia Town

DHUSAMAREB (Keydmedia) — Somali rebels of Al- Shabaab associated with Al-Qaeda on Tuesday morning seized a strategic town in the central of war-wrecked horn of Africa nation where pro-government militia have been controlling in the past, residents said.

Teaser Image Al-Shabab takes over key central Somalia Town

The rebel fighters from Al-Shabaab launched their surprise attacks on the town of Dhusamareb in central Somalia, the provincial capital of Galgaduud, which was a largely controlled Ahlu SunnahWaljama fighter (ASWJ).

Al-Shabaab fighters took over the town following fierce battles with local Ahlu Sunna forces who were forced out of the town hours later, forcing residents to flee to the save neighborhoods in fear of fierce counter-offensive by  ASWJ fighters. 

Residents confirmed to Keydmedia English by phone that ASWJ fighters are regrouping nearby villages to launch a counter- attack on the militants in the strategic town of Dhusamareb town on the key road linking a number of other towns in the central regions of Somalia.

It was not immediately clear if there had been any casualties from the latest fighting in Dhusamareb, which has previously changed hands between the two sides (Al-shabab and Ahlu Sunna militia)

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