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Sunday 5 September 2010 16:58

US Company SKA takes control of Mogadishu seaport

MOGADISHU (Keydmedia.net)-Reliable sources close to the presidential palace said that American company called SKA (air & logistics skylink Arabia) based in Dubai is supposed to take control Mogadishu seaport on January, 2011.

Teaser Image US Company SKA takes control of Mogadishu seaport

The government had an agreement with this company and it will support the government in many sides including the security services, sources said.

SKA (Air & logistics sky link) is American company whose job is providing security services, ground logistics, fuel supply chain management and comp construction it operates in the difficult and dangerous countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuweyt, Emirates and East Africa.

President Sharif Ahmed had signed a contract with this company SKA when he was in Dubai early this year and met contractors of the company, reports said.

Senior officials from the SKA arrived in the capital Mogadishu and visited the seaport and they told that the could work there, but it is not known weather it remains the seaport only or not since it the like other American company Black Water.

On the other hand, the current manager of Mogadishu Mr. Hassan Mohamed Ali is going to be replaced to another new manager called Sayid Ali Mo’allim, a businessman who used one of the traders of El-ma’an harbor and very close relative to Abukar Omar Addan, Eng. Enow and Khadijo Osoble, reports said.

President Sheikh Sharif have had talks with elders and relatives of the current manager Hassan Mohamed to accept to leave that position although the president himself accepted conditions in which Mr. Hassan Put on his leaving manager post.


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