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Tuesday 1 January 2013 14:00

iPhone 5S Rear Shell Leaked (Photos)

Part supplier etradesupply has gained access to the hard shell of 7th generation iPhone model which looks similar but subtly different to the iPhone 5. They take the supposed leaked iPhone 5S partand compare it to a legitimate iPhone 5 noting internal changes.

Teaser Image iPhone 5S Rear Shell Leaked (Photos)

You can see below that the gap between the screws looks to have been moved – the middle screw has been moved down slightly towards the bottom screw. The purported shell has less screw holes on the left side which are used to fasten the LCD. Even the position of three screw holes used to fix the logic board has been removed.

The iPhone 5S leaked image also shows the rear housing showing the fine-print information at the bottom being replaced by Xs, indicating the part to be of a test prototype. Supplieretradesupply managed to attain the part from a reseller who gained access to “parts of an unknown iPhone model,” which was claimed to be the iPhone 5S. But this does not mean it will make its way into the version Apple will launch. It’s likely possible that this iPhone 5S shell part is just an old iPhone 5 prototype design that got rejected in favour of the final design.

Based on the recent rumors, the screen size and pretty much all the visible features are virtually identical to those found on the current-generation iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S will most likely have a similar design with few internal changes. The iPhone 5S device could feature support for long rumored NFC (wireless payment system) so that Apple can compete with the newer Android models which are sporting Near Field Communication chip. Other features are unknown at this time.

Few weeks back, Digitimes published a report, saying that the iPhone 5S will enter a trial production stage in December, and could enter volume production in the first quarter of 2013.

Source: jailbreak-untethered

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