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Wednesday 20 November 2013 17:38

The long awaited Somali Airlines is Coming Back!

BUDAPEST (KON) — A new aircraft, Somali Airlines was seen Wednesday in an airport Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, as the horn of Africa nation prepares to revive the national carrier, Somali Airlines, after 22 years of nonappearance, Keydmedia Online reports.

Teaser Image The long awaited Somali Airlines is Coming Back!

The new cargo airliner, Boeing 737/400 is set to be brought to Mogadishu, Somali capital by the end of next month, according to “Skyliner" aviation based in Germany.

“There is another aircraft in the airport which is yet under construction. The pair airplanes were bought by SFG for the Somali Airlines from the Slovakian SAMair company,” Zsolt Kovács, staff with SAMair ,told Keydmedia Online by phone.

Zsolt Kovács said the two aircrafts are now being  painted into the Somali national carrier's distinctive colours in Budapest city ahead of its official delivery to Mogadishu in the coming few weeks. It will be the first major airliner to fly a passenger plane to the Somali capital of Mogadishu in more than 22 years.

Last August, Somali federal government promised to revive the national carrier, Somali Airlines after 22 years, to bring back the air services for the people. Somali Airlines: The First Winner of Africa's Best Airline Service Awards.

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