Anti Tribalism Movement - an Organization That Fights Against Clannish

Somali people are widespread in the world recently joining previous Diasporas or refugees and it’s said that Somali people are available in every country.
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Anti Tribalism Movement - an Organization That Fights Against Clannish

In particular, there are many Somali people in England, who reached there in a separate times and live in London and some of these people are doing many activities such being involved in business, learning and other programs which are useful for their country and youth.

Somali communities in east of London from all Somali regions have set up new organization or umbrella which is greatly different from what Somali youth used to establish early and that is about an umbrella that fights against tribalism.

As known tribalism is one the major cause of Somali problems and setbacks that repeated wars and misunderstanding and favoritism among Somali communities in and out of the country.

To eliminate the tribal acts and give full awareness, these youth founded an organization named ‘Anti tribalism Movement’ which is abbreviated as ‘ATM’ early this year, in the east of London.  
The idea that was established this umbrella ‘A.T.M’ owns to Adam A/asis Matan as everything begins or starts from somebody to the whole society through good channel method used and persuade others in order the idea might be supported.

The youth created new web site in the internet and their site is called [url=][/url] and this was meant to send their massages to the required people in particular youth and they are gaining friends through face book program as the information department head A/fitah Feysal Hussein Told Keydmedia.

They have made this site to encourage college and university students in the UK and all other Somalis to use the clan or tribe for the correct way as our religion enjoins us which is to recognize among people not other purposes

They held debates for those students by discussing the evil tradition of tribalism and bad behaviors relating to the consideration that people have for the clan.

Many people who are not those live in UK welcomed this umbrella and advised the initiatives not to be like the previous leagues.   

We shall analyze in other articles of how other coalitions or organizations which was explained that they have been built for Somalis and where they remained although they are not seen and functioning now.

Hi, visitor, how do you think that tribalism could be eliminated, for further more please join us on our facebook.



ATM anti tribalism movement more info visit - facebook anti tribalism movement.

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.