Are they public or bribe council? Parliamentarians function with bribe?

MOGADISHU ( Somali citizen has the right to know the effectiveness of his/her government and leadership of the country and the quantity and quality of the representative in every branch of the whole government circle.
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Are they public or bribe council? Parliamentarians function with bribe?

Let’s come to the parliamentarians of the transitional federal government whose number were 275 members, but were later doubled that number and made 550 persons after the ARS joined the interim government headed by President Abdullahi Yusuf who resigned by means of pressure from the international community.
Somalis say if something is not started from its appropriate side will never lead to success because of the selection of parliamentarians were not based on knowledge and experience of their personality but from warlords and non-educated people and from tribes of what they called 4.5 although they are a few educated ones in it from Diaspora.

Criticism is about two parts, one which destroys something and the other is one that builds something, but I do believe that it is true to display the fact about parliamentarians of the transitional federal government.
Let’s ask this question, are the parliamentarians public or bribe council? This is the question which I have entitled my article about parliamentarians and their role in the government and population since they represent Somalis.

All parliament members swore in the name of Allah that they would pay their duty through justice and honesty and serve for whole Somali people and country, but where is that commitment which they put on their head?  
There are over 300 parliament members in the capital Mogadishu right now whose presence don’t have great sense because they sleep hotels in small districts under the government control.
Some of the parliamentarians are seen around women who sell Kat to buy green leaves and chew in the hotels where they live while some of them are seen being quarreled with debts they consumed Kat by women having the collar of their shirts
Where is their responsibility that they have worn to serve Somali People and correct mistakes done and lead Somalis into good future?

The only justification they have is the insecurity situation and clashes between the government backed by AMISOM and Islamist militias in the capital, Mogadishu The strange story is heard from parliamentarians is when the cabinet ministers ask them vote of confidence or a parliament speaker is supposed to be chosen?

There are always differences when it came to this point becoming mps into two groups, ones who are ready to vote and approve the proposal and others who are against that by shouting and offending each group or person to person being the journalists and cameras in the whole they are in.
A day or two days later, the argument is solved with what is believed to be bribes given to the opposing groups and they are seen laughing and joking in every site they entertain.

For example when Sh. Adam Modobe resigned as the dispute between him and the Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid happened, Sharif Hassan Sh. Adam was among the candidates who stood for that position.
The mps that gathered at in the hole shouted and whistled showing that they would never give their votes to Sharif Hassan lobbying for other candidates, but what happened next day?

The next day the situation was greatly different than previous day because the hole was calm and the election occurred quietly and Sharif Hassan whom they had whistled a day before was elected to be the speaker of parliament by parliamentarians themselves.
A Somali Poet who was speaking about the transitional federal government’s parliament in the local F.M. stations said earlier, charge money to the parliament in order to get vote”.

This is clear the parliamentarians function with bribe, but they don’t keep the regulation and lost their responsibility they took before, but it was better to change their behavior and put public interest before their private interest.

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.