Facebook: The Most Addicting Social Phenomena to have Swept This World.

Facebook is a social networking site in which people use to communicate with each other. It is a great way to stay in touch with your friends and keep up on what they are doing.
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Facebook: The Most Addicting Social Phenomena to have Swept This World.

Facebook is one of the largest networking sites on the internet.  Facebook users can send messages, add friends, update their statuses, and join groups of common interest and much more.  It is the most widely used social networking site among the people whom I know.

Facebook was founded in 2004 by a Harvard student named Mark Zukerberg.  It was originally called the facebook.  It was at first a networking site for Harvard students to interact with one another.  It has then expanded to Ivy League schools such as Yale and Princeton. Within months facebook has become a nationwide networking site with 80 million users worldwide.

Facebook is a social networking tool that makes my life better in several ways.  One way is that it allows me to stay in touch with family and friends in other countries.  Facebook is also a fast way to communicate with others. Once I send a message, I can get a reply back within a minute.  I also use facebook as a tool to find old friends and reconnect with them.  There are applications on facebook that are used productively in education and business.  Some examples of applications that I’ve used in these fields are IQ and personality tests.  I have definitely benefited from using these types of applications.  Another thing about facebook is that I can join groups and meet people who share my common interest.  Also, facebook is an easy way of notifying people if I am holding an event. Facebook makes it much faster, and easier to make plans.

There are many social networking sites that are similar to Facebook such as Bebo, Twitter, Friendster, Piczo, MySpace and Linkedin. These are all sites that people use to interact with each other.  I would say facebook is the most popular networking site because it has a simple layout and it’s easy to keep tabs on friends.  You can do a lot of things on facebook such as talk to friends, upload pictures, see what people are up to, play games, and a lot of other things.  Other social networking sites might just focus in on a certain thing such as photos (Flickr) or seeing what people are up to (Twitter).  Since facebook offers so many things, I would say it is a well rounded site.

Many sites such as MySpace, Flickr, Linkedin and Piczo are obsolesced by Facebook.  My first social networking site was Piczo.  Piczo is a site that allows users to create personal websites. The user can decorate their site any way they want to with photos, guest books, music and much more.  Piczo was very popular when I was in grade 6.  I would say that facebook has dominated all these other sites because facebook is a bigger and better version of the above-mentioned networking sites.

There are many ways in which facebook has impacted my life negatively. One thing is that it’s so addicting.  There are many cases in which I would say “Okay, I’ll go check my facebook account for 5 minutes”.  What I might have to be 5 minutes turns out to be 5 hours.  No matter how hard I try to fight this addiction, facebook just keeps calling me back.  It is also a waste of time.  I can be doing something more productive with my time such as English homework. J

Another negative impact that facebook has had on my life is the amount of privacy there is when I share something on facebook.  I would write on my best friend’s wall and it would appear on all my ‘friends’ homepages.  Next day I am at school, continuing my conversation with my friend and there are 5 other people who know what we’re talking about.  Another not so good thing about facebook is that data doesn’t disappear when you delete it.  It can be saved and can also be accessible through Google.  I always try to be aware of what I post on facebook. What I post on facebook might be humorous now, but might not turn out so funny in the future.

After doing this assignment, I’ve learned that facebook helps me interact negatively with my family.  I have had a lot of arguments with my parents about the amount of time I spend on the computer because of Facebook.  I’ve also realized that facebook is a big time waster. Of the many hours I spend my time on facebook, about 5 minutes would have been spent doing something productive.  As a result of doing this assignment, my goal is to spend less time on facebook and instead do something more productive.  If my goal is not achieved, it would be because facebook is one of the most addicting social phenomena to have swept this world!

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