Is Somali Government Doomed to fail?

Dr. Ismail Malaas - Nairobi - People of Somalia were thrilled when a much –anticipated prime minister was appointed with growing hopes that he will turn the wave of violence that engulfed the country for so many years, but those dreams seem to be dying.
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Is Somali Government Doomed to fail?

The war torn People Mogadishu as well as the displaced ones living under the harsh rule of brutal bandits were the first to hail the nomination of the new premier.

Somalis abroad specially, those facing hardships in alien countries hoped that new administration would put an end to the foreign manipulated elements destabilizing Somalia and the whole region.

The appointment of the new prime minister following lengthy consultations with various levels was, in the opinion of many educated people, something of a relief.

To the surprise of many, the new premier told crowds of supporters that the era of corruption was over and ministers will no longer fatten their pockets with stolen public money.

“No to those ministers, who fatten their pockets with stolen money” he said.

These words sent shock waves across a deeply corrupted council of ministers that never thought of accountability and created joy among Somalis waiting for a positive change.

More thrilling was when the premier declared that Mogadishu will be divided into eight districts and promised quick restoration of security with 500 soldiers allocated for each district.

This statement might not have been planned and could also be a military secret that he unknowingly revealed.

He seemed to be riding a racing horse when he was making these statements but it all looks he is on slow mule.

Displaced people in the squalid shift camps in the outskirts of the capital revived hopes of return soon after the nomination but it all proved to have been nothing more than a mirage.

The premier’s statement was made out of emotion rather than practical military strategic assessment of the current situation.

His intentions may be good but he has to know that the so called opposition forces have higher morale than government troops despite their isolation from the rest of the world-their supply is never cut or delayed while government forces do not receive the necessary hardware to win the war.

The foreign “manipulated elements” looted property and turned entire families to destitute.

They forcibly took children under 15 from their parents, brainwashed them with money, cars, clothes and mobile phones.

When these young boys start fighting, there is always a false sense of bravery created by the high level of brainwashing by foreigners.

It is the work of Somali armed forces to remove these misguided people from Somalia and the government should play its role to support that mission-it must provide salary, give adequate health care and look after the wounded and honor the dead.

Military hospitals should be revamped and poor families should be left the burden of treating a wounded government soldier.

The government should ask the international community for help to change the situation.

Time has come for the government to more to save Somali boys and girls and restore security, if that does not happen we risk losing Villa Somalia to the foreign trained rebels.

Dr. Ismail Malaas - Nairobi - Correspondent

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.