Keydmedia and the past 6 months

The title above shows a date back of Keydmedia 6 months later, the visitor would possibly bring a question about it, but before taking another idea let make you understand what is meant to the title above and it’s about the successful activities that it has done since its establishment on 12 June 2010.
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Keydmedia and the past 6 months

It’s very short period to the time we are talking about, but what Keydmedia has presented to its visitors, customers of online colleagues are incomparable to the short date because many of our programs that was related to the  facts in the war torn country of Somalia.

Leaving alone behind to the news, articles those were about political issues and the worst conditions that Somali community have like the education, health and internally displaced people but it has displayed videos focusing Somali history and individuals who have great impact on it who are either dead or being life.  

The interviews in which we had in the weekly program called “Dhacdo Ugub ah, new event” could be said that political leaders or individuals appeared like: Prof. Ibrahim Hassan Addow, Dr. Ahmed Abdullahi Wayel, Col.Omar Hashi Adam, Sharif Hassan Sh. Ahmed, the current president, Sh. Hassan Dahir Aweys, Sharif Hassan Sh. Adam, Dr. Mohamed Adam Sh., Asho Hahi Elmi, peace seeker, Mohamed Hassan Had, Prof. Omar Idiris and many others.

This program was weekly program and produced on every Saturday that is believed to have changed the life of Somali refugees.

Keydmedia administration together with staff in all around the world believe that short term of the half the year that Keydmedia was functioning, have done large activity on what was not known to the websites that speak with Somali, and this isnot propaganda and what we are boasting of, but on the other hand Keydmedia accepts any criticism sent by its visitors and also what we think our improvement and progress is part of the way Keydmedia listened to its critics.

The above program’s delay and suspension doesn’t meant that it was almost finished and stopped but it’s on due and will continue presenting what we think might attract your minds since you have watched eight parts of the program and would go ahead interestingly In-Sha-Allah.

Have you heard and watched Jama’ Ali Jama’, Dr.Amina Sa’id Ali, an mps, Eng. Hussein Aidid, Ambassador David Shinn, A. Hasharo,Prof. Omar M. Addou, Admiral Mahamed Omar Osman, Mohamed Warsame Ali ‘Kimiko’Amb. Sharif Salah, Sakariye Haji  and other individuals including Somalis and foreigners? And the important issues they have talked and let’s leave for the readers and visitors to the answer to that question.  

During the 6th months that Keydmedia was on air and functioning, 3 thousand visitors visit information’s on keydmedia with in 24hrs who are in the world and there are messages sent to Keydmedia those are either criticism and praise through online electronics.

The brain of Keydmedia’s foundation was long thought and dream that has been ahead 20 years that Ali Sa’id Hassan, Somali film maker had in his mind and achieved to create Keydmedia and being the general director of Keydmedia getting support from other individuals and experts.

Ali Sa’id’s dream led this media project that we rest under it which is very large that it has Somali community.

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.