Somali Diaspora condemn the terrorist actions of Alshabab

We, the under-signed representative members of the Somali Diaspora condemn the terrorist actions of Alshabab. We specifically condemn the August 24, 2010 incident at the Muna Hotel in Mogadishu where Alshabab militants murdered over 30 people, including several members of parliament and injured over 100 civilians in a suicide attack.
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Somali Diaspora condemn the terrorist actions of Alshabab

We condemn this barbaric attack, committed in the midst of the Holy month of Ramadan as being not only against the basic tenets of Islam but also against the most fundamental and normative values of humanity, all of which call for the sanctity of human life. This barbaric act also contravenes Article 3 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which in no uncertain terms states “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
This latest attack follows a pattern of terrorist attacks that clearly demonstrate that Alshabab is not pursuing a Somali agenda that includes reconciliation and peace but instead, is determined to place Somalia in the dangerous vortex of international terrorism. On December 3, 2009 Alshabab staged a similar attack in Hotel Shamo suicide bombing, which claimed the lives of many Somalis including three Ministers of the Transitional Federal Government, about a dozen graduating medical students and injured more than 60 civilians, making it the deadliest attack in Somalia since the Beledweyne Bombing on 18 June 2009. In the latter incident, Alshabab murdered the Minister of National Security, a Somali diplomat, a dozen traditional elders and scores of civilians.
We impress upon the Alshabab leadership that these actions are inhuman, barbaric, and illegal under Islamic Law as well as International Law and constitutes crimes against humanity.
We urge the international community and the Somali people to take a strong stand against Alshabab, as it has proven to be a major threat to peace in Somalia and poses greater threat to peace in the region and the world.
We also condemn Hizbul Islam for its role in destabilizing Somalia and remind its leadership that their actions and alliance with Alshabab make them complicit in the criminal acts against innocent civilians.
We are appalled by the growing humanitarian crisis unfolding in Somalia as a result of the ongoing conflict, which has resulted in mass killings and human displacement.
We urge the international community to treat the Somali humanitarian crisis as an emergency, worthy of the response it has shown in other emergency humanitarian crisis.
While AMISOM’s presence is authorized by a United Nation’s mandate to protect Somali government institutions, it is also obliged under international laws not to harm civilians.  

We deplore AMISOM’s defensive but otherwise indiscriminate shelling of civilians, which constitutes a disproportional response to the actions of its opponent.
Lastly, we urge the leadership of the TFG to vigorously examine the wisdom of its forces and AMISOM fighting a conventional warfare in a major city and also remind them of their obligations under international law not to harm civilians.


   1. Avv. Abdurahman Hosh Jibril, Ontario (Canada)
   2. Hassan Warsame, Virginia (USA)
   3. Dr. Ali Said Faqi,(Ph.D), Michigan (USA)
   4. Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, Ontario (Canada)
   5. Mohamed Abdi Mohamed, Virginia (USA)
   6. Hussein Yusuf, Ph.D Student, Virginia (USA)
   7. Mohamed Ahmed Gilao “Tennis”, Ontario (Canada)
   8. Yusuf H. Osman Aden, Maryland (USA)
   9. Prof. Hussein Warsame, Calgary (Canada)
  10. Mohamed Husein Hassan "Gudbaaye", Minnesota (USA)
  11. Abdulkadir Abdirahman "Utah", Virginia (USA)
  12. Abukar Osman "Baale", Ohio (USA)
  13. Farhia Bashir Nur, Virginia (USA)
  14. Basto Ahmed, Virginia (USA)
  15. Abdirahman A Mohamed, Maryland (USA)
  16. Ali Omar, Raleigh (USA)
  17. Dr. Abdulkadir Omar Yariisow, Juba (Sudan)
  18. Sheikh Mohamed Yusuf Sheikh, Ontario (Canada)
  19. Dr. Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed, Ohio (USA)
  20. Abdihakim Faqi, Virginia (USA)
  21. Abdifatah Adan Warsame “Maroyare”, Ontario (Canada)
  22. Enj. Mohamed Ali Addow, Ontario (Canada)
  23. Ahmed B. Abdullahi “Bashir Nero”, Virginia (USA)
  24. Alibashi Awsahal, Virginia (USA)
  25. Abdi Hashised, Ontario (Canada)
  26. Omar Said Warfa, Ontario (Canada)
  27. Abdi Dirshe, Ontario (Canada)
  28. Ali Nur Hussein Boodaay, Ontario (Canada)
  29. Khadija Dirie Hassan, Ontario (Canada)
  30. Mumin Barre, Virginia (USA)
  31. Hassan  Isse, Ontario (Canada)
  32. Mahad Ali Yusuf , Ontario (Canada)
  33. Mohamud Ahmed Hiireey, Boston (USA)
  34. Aden Mohamed Hussein, Boston (USA)
  35. Abdirahman A. Siad, Ontario (Canada)
  36. Bashir Bashir, Ontario (Canada)
  37. Suad Dirie Hassan, Washington (USA)
  38. Faisal Roble, California (USA)
  39. Sheikh Abdurahman Baadiyow, Montreal (Canada)
  40. Bashi Hosh Jibril, Ontario (Canada)
  41. Ibrahim Abikar, Minnesota (USA)
  42. Zainab Hassan, Minnesota (USA)
  43. Hussein Warsame, Virginia (USA)
  44. Suldaan Abdulkadir Warsame Galbeyte ( EX), Ontario (Canada)
  45. Prof. Mohamud Togane, Montreal (Canada)
  46. Abdulkadir Abdi “Xuurka”, Ohio (USA)
  47. Said Shire “Suugaan”, Ontario (Canada)
  48. Adan Adar, Ontario (Canada)
  49. Dr. Omar Dufle, Ontario (Canada)
  50. Batuulo Ahmed Gabballe, Ontario (Canada)
  51. Bashir Warsame, Virginia (USA)
  52. Shukri Jama, Ontario (Canada)
  53. Ibrahim Sh. Ahmed Mohamed, Virginia (USA)
  54. Ahmed E. Muhumad, Ohio (USA)
  55. Fowsia Abdulkadir, Ontario (Canada)
  56. Abdirashid Ugaas Ciise Ugaas Abdulle, Ontario (Canada)
  57. Yusuf Ahmed Nur, Ph.D, Indiana (USA)
  58. Mohamed Guled “Libaax”, Virginia (USA)
  59. Ali Kulmie, Virginia (USA)
  60. Aden Hashi Abdulle “Howle”, Alberta (Canada)
  61. Nasir Abdi Baalle, Ontario (Canada)
  62. Prof. Ali N. Mohamed, United Arab Emirates
  63. Hassan Abshir Hassan, Ontario (Canada)
  64. Said Farah Duale, Ontario (Canada)
  65. Abdi Ali Wardhiigley, Ontario (Canada)
  66. Mohamud Ali Aden, Ontario (Canada)
  67. Hussein Siad “Hussein Caato”, Virginia (USA)
  68. Said Dahir Said, Ontario (Canada)
  69. Yusuf A. Kheire, Virginia (USA)
  70. Asha Dirie Hassan, Taxes (USA)
  71. Abdirahman Sh. Mohamed Abdirahman “Banadiri”, London (UK)
  72. Qadafi Omar Moahmed, Manchester (UK)
  73. Avv. Fatuma Jawaanle, Ontario (Canada)
  74. Mohamed Abubakar “Alfa”, Virginia (USA)
  75. Abdullahi Mohamud Mohamed, Virginia (USA)
  76. Abdiqani Rage Barrow, Ontario (Canada)
  77. Ali Haji Mustafa, Ontario (Canada)
  78. Dr. Abdirahman Ahmed, Ohio (USA)
  79. Xayle Ali Wardheere, Ohio (USA)
  80. Dr. Mire Ali Ahmed, Ohio (USA)
  81. Eng Max

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.