Somalia: People cannot be eliminated!

Somali people share same language, religion, culture and the same origin that is what it’s different from the other world, but the questions arise why misunderstandings, conflicts, civil-wars still continue in the country and with out functioning government.
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Somalia: People cannot be eliminated!

In the southern part of the country such the capital of Mogadishu is where fighting is going ahead daily between the Islamist militias and the weak Somali government backed by AMISOM, but it behinds not only foreign brain but also some Somali tribes who are originally from northern parts of the country.

Some of Hawiye elders allege that endless wars, destructed homes, internally displaced and people in worst conditions are confined only southern people and people in the north are enjoying in peace taking examples of the below cities in the northwest and northeast Somali regions like Bosaso, Garowe, Borame and others.

Mogadishu and other close regions are bloodshed areas and the remaining people are either fleeing to the neighboring countries and getting dangerous passing through the sea and going to Saudi Arabia and on their way to that long and peril voyage they pass the coast town of Basosa where they are arrested or brought back to where they had already ran or left.

The autonomous regions of Puntland administration arrests, punishes, deals with southern people in those regions out of  humanitarian conducts and Farole pretexts that they are fighting with people involved in the insecurity acts over there.

If we look back what happened at Bokorad, an area which is 70 kilometers south Galka’o of Mudug region where livestock keepers originally from south, in other word Hawiye were massacred after 15 armed vehicles from Puntland administration headed by president Farole sent to those areas giving military to one of sides who fought there.         

The weapon that was used for killing livestock keepers in the south Galka’o neighborhoods given to Puntland administration by the United States to fight against Somali pirates, the question is, ‘are those people pirates?’

The event of massacring was explained that two livestock keepers fight only and the media didn’t get further details about that and the reality of the story as the media only quoted individuals defending the case.
Spokesman of Galmudug state, Ahmed Basto discovered clearly that they will never tolerate with Farole’s acts of massacring innocent people in the region.

Isa Ahmed Dalabey, chairperson of Hawiye clan political elders held press conference in Mogadishu condemning Farole’s bad acts and calling his tribe to hold him by the arm adding they must change his brain.

On the other hand, A/kadir Ahmed Ibrahim, a peace seeker from east region of Bosaso called president Farole to get ride of harming people in the region, but Farole doesn’t seem to be a person to listen or hear calls.

Farole’s dream was said by Hawiye elders to be a nightmare if he desires to enlarge land and will not function he expects, but it’s better for him to forget that.

The support of western countries and the neighboring of Ethiopia showed Mr. Farole fake and bad image after they had told him to be good leader who is worth to be helped and supported.

Abdulkarim Haji Seeko - Correspondent

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.