Technology development and Somali’s deceitful manners!

Modern telecommunications and technology made easy for people in the whole world to communicate one another comfortable wherever they are in by no feeling dissatisfaction about the service they get.
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Technology development and Somali’s deceitful manners!

Somali Diaspora would have liked to get good telecommunication service in order they may relate to their relatives in their country if telecommunication system could be possible found in their county and possibly functioning as well as it was intended to be.
As we know if every company what ever it is, it is a profit seeker and it can never be nonprofit one unless it’s not involved in business and there companies must bring high quality and reliable service in the market as they want their business to be successful, but if not we are sure they would fail.   

Let’s see how some of the telecommunication companies in Mogadishu function and provide telephone services as they promised for their agents and customers.

UNITEL, ONKOTEL, WARSANTEL And ORPIT are internet systems based telecommunication companies providing telephone services and have some branch in the capital Mogadishu and agents know this service IP-star.

Complaints arise from agents and customers telling that there is no customer care and customer satisfaction that they have from above mentioned companies.

“Telephone service are two ways: in calls and out calls {in and out) the rent of out calls is $120 while in and out calls together is $170 per month, but the problem is that I have no telephone services for 10 days and I have called the center many times and they don’t send technical staff for me”. Sa’ad Warsame said complaining about the carelessness.

Mr. Warsame added that the rent of telephone service is always prompted to be paid either he has the required service or not.

“My children who are in abroad told me to install home to these kind of telephones for they could call me with out charges, but their story comes to an end because if it breaks down or wire damages and there are no staff assigned to solve the technical problems”  Usabo Abdi Magan said.  

The numbers that these companies were derived from the United States and Europe and they always face failure when ever they are known and prepaid charges of Somalis would also lose there.

 “I have prepaid $100 and I was said that I will get easy service of communication to my children, but 10 days later, the telephone broke down and now I have no money and telephone service” Ardo Abdi Gedi said.    

 The head of these telephone service companies allege that they are religious men and would serve for their customers fairly, but seems to be vice-verse to what they claim.  

These telephone services are originally from developed countries by which Somali Diaspora seemed to be business opportunity that could implemented in the lawless country of Somalia, in particular Mogadishu with out research and good strategic, but only seeking profit.

If the companies don’t satisfy and care their agents and customers that means like going to their goals and the failures of those above companies are how badly deal with their customers and that will lead them not to exist longer.

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.