The Somali Pandora´s box contains Lies, Lames and looting

By Dr. O. A. Egal Geographically Somalia lies in a very strategic part of our conflicting and confused world. This unfortunate natural habitat of Somali people is the epicenter of all its suffering. Every emerging dominant nation would need a cache placed in a very strategic place to consolidate their power and enhance their control over the rest of the world. If such ideal cache place is not available then the logic is to make sure that rivals do not lay hand on it. This is exactly what has happened in old world and is happening in our era for dominance in an ever shrinking world in terms of resources in line with ever increasing populations.
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The Somali Pandora´s box contains Lies, Lames and looting

Contemporary dominant nations used strategic places like Somalia since the civilizations expanded from their respective regions of which the European expansion and conquest of 18th century was the last one. The European colonization sowed the seeds of disintegration to any potentially homogeneous society that could challenge them at the end of the day or could team up with rivals. In the case of unfortunate Somalia the people were divided into five regions for the above mentioned reason.  Miraculously two of them fought together for their freedom and merged after gaining independence. Not only that the newly formed republic started dancing with the devils – that is to side one or the other of the competing forces in the then cold war. They posed the tread of reuniting the then divided Somali regions already brought under other rival neighboring nations. When the cold war ended so the Somali nation ended with it and the threat also vanished with that wind.

There come the lies contained in the Pandora´s box. All dominant force would say they want a United Somalia while at the same time disintegrating whatever remained from the nonstop civil wars – it is a scenario similar to the famous Lebanon civil war of the seventies. Suffice to ask where the ammunition and weaponry catches comes to the warring parties in Somalia, despite the so called “UN embargo to Somalia”. The same civil wars are aimed to similar places of interest using every means to instigate.

This undertaking is well planned and orchestrated with the local weaknesses and nemesis by using the weakest links in terms of thought and vision. There come the term lame in other words visionless unscrupulous mental caped individuals who would retire with few coins. These individual are the vehicle of destruction that can be easily programmed to help with the looting of the masses in terms of natural resources. At last there comes the loot!!!

The billion dollar question is when these barbaric, greedy and crocked intents will cease. Unfortunately the rule of this dirty game is to run the show in as much as possible. In other word as long as the affected society is devoid of thinking people and cursed with mentally caped people the game will continue.  Thus the Somali Pandora´s box´s contents are Lies (covert goals), Lames (use of mentally caped locals) and looting (the natural resources in which oil tops the list).

Thus the trillion dollar question is how these vicious doldrums can be halted or mitigated!! The answer is very easy when the root causes of the problem are understood in a way analogous to good doctor’s approach during diagnostic phase of any ailment. The founders of the Somali nation during 1940s and 1950s clearly understood the answer of this bewildering question, i.e. unity. Even the newly formed (1976) republic of Djibouti understood the rules of the engagement. For instance the republics currency is minted with the magic words of Unity, Peace and Progress!! What a Brilliant idea.
In a nut shell my advice to all Somali well-wishers is not to be busy on the Pandora box but give the helm of the nation to visionary and able Somali leaders who could avoid such traps – otherwise the vicious game will always be on in as long as possible.


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Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.