There are no humanitarian activities in Somalia

Somalia geographical is located in east Africa and some people give the country the nickname of failed state and this came after 20yr whit out effective government in the country.
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There are no humanitarian activities in Somalia

Since 1991 when the military regime has been collapse, there were agencies those persuade international community and donors that they are given support Somali community but those agencies didn’t work effectively.

Some educators and intelligences believe that these agencies miss-use donors fund which intended to provide Somali internal displaced people   (IDP’s) and poor ones.

More the 20 agencies those operate the name of aid agency staying in the country but no effective work at all, those include UN agencies such as: UNDP, WFP, WHO, FAO, UNICEF  and others like Danish refugee council (DRS), Norwegian refugee council (NRC), Muslim aid, Islamic relief and more others  

On behave of that agencies and other hand people living in side and out side Mogadishu are suffering from with out getting any support from agencies let us glance on Somali IDP’s daily live.

People live in internal displaced camps in South Mogadishu are suffering getting their lively hood and diseases  like Malaria, cholera, and Meningitis is one of the mental diseases.

I have been visited Jabouti Internal displaces camp In Mogadishu, according to the leader of the camp, a woman named Ardo Said “people in this camp were very difficult in getting daily life, also the sanitation in the camp was very poor.

Ardo is a disabled woman aged 46 yrs old mother, she told KEYDMEDIA   that, she has orphanage children, her husband died before eight moths ago, she is shop keeper in front of the camp, also she is the leader of Jabouti internal displaced camp in Mogadishu.

Miss Ardo was reporting the current situation in the camp she said  “ people in Jabouti Camp are very suffering lack of shelter, education, no basic health and not easy getting suitable toilet, The condition is very hard life, also the children are suffering cholera disease and meningitis” Ardo is asking for Somali community and aid agencies immediate support.

On the other hand, DARYEEL IDP Camp in Mogadishu is densely populated resident, people in this camp are more than Hundreds of internal displaced people, according to a man named Abshir Mohamed who is one of the residents that I have been met there told KEYDMEDIA “people in DARYEEL Camp are suffering the inflexible life, he requested the Somali business people and humanitarian aid agencies for providing basic needs.

Except Somali IDP’s  in Mogadishu there is Zanzibar refugee community those live former water agency building in south Mogadishu and they facing bad life circumstances, KEYDMEDIA go their so as to recognize the true image of Zanzibar refugee community live in Mogadishu.

“Where 85 families including women, children and adult, we were living here for nine years, really the situation of our life is very bad according to the fighting   day in day after, more people day and other become war victims and we are foreigners so it’s very difficult so us to our life become easy said Mr Abdurashid the speaker of Zanzibar refugee community in Mogadishu”.


“We are surprising for UN aid agencies such as UNHCR and WFP because they for get about us and close their ears and eyes, we complain UN offices in Hargeysa, Nairobi also in Chaneva , we are refugees and have right like others so they have to remember that, they complaining about security issues they can take us peace place so us to support  but they are not going to do so,  i do know the whey  said the speaker of Zanzibar ”.

On the side of government there is no any care at all at side of supporting civilian people, and there is no any control for that agencies those neglected the people’s right of getting humanitarian support.


The question is what can we call for those agencies? Can we call them aid agencies? What is your opinion?  Click Her und Writte your Opinion


Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.