Ogaden men in Kenya army launch “Operation kill and exterminate” in Somalia’s Jubbaland

By Drs Fatuma Lamungu Nur - It was a shame to Kenyan military Spokesman Cyrus Oguna, when he said Kenya was not in Somalia to help a certain clan in its operation to capture Kismaayo and Jubbaland areas.
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Ogaden men in Kenya army launch “Operation kill and exterminate” in Somalia’s Jubbaland

Oguna and other Kenyan leaders have no a clue on what is happening in Somalia, despite this crucial operation, which the country is carrying out in Somalia.

Some may have felt some relief or think positively if the statement of denying Kenya’s move of backing the Ogaden clan to capture Jubbaland was from another ministry.

But , the fact that the statement was issued by the defense ministry, justifies that its one clan show using Kenya’s government resources to kill and persecute rival clans in a neighboring country.

The whole project of Jubbaland operation is dominated by members of one clan in Kenyan government. The masterminds and the influence behind this conspiracy are from Ogaden clan among them; State defence minister Mohamed Yusuf Haji, his son, Nuradin Yusuf , an intelligence officer, Deputy Speaker Farah Moalim, Mp, Mohamed Abdi Afey, MP Safiya Abdi Torey, Iyas Barre Shil, who calls himself as IGAD envoy for Somalia , Abdirahman Olow former MP, who was appointed as facilitator of helping the formation of Jubbaland state under the influence of Ogaden clan, mainly from Ethiopia, and Kenya.

Oguna and others in Kenyan government are simply fed by one family members, Yusuf Haji and his son Nuradin. Also important to note is that Yusuf Haji is a cousin to Mohamed Abdi Gandi, a refugee from Ethiopia, who claimed the leadership of Jubbaland in Kenya last year.

As Oguna distributed the statement from Haji and his son, the Ogaden soldiers in Kenyan army launched their long planned operation of killing innocent people in Jubbaland from non-Ogaden clans, by labeling them as Al Shabab sympathizers.

This is not different from what happened in 1990ties, when Kenyan army of Somali ethnic crossed the border to help warlord General Morgan in Jubbaland in his campaign of genocide against innocent people. The operation was then ordered by General Mohamud, former Kenyan army commander and the officer who coordinated the operation was James ole Serian, current governor of Kenya’s North Eastern Province.

The operation “kill to exterminate” has just started and it will affect the whole population in Jubbaland who does not belong to Ogaden clan. Somali people in Jubbaland are tired of endless war, and having seen a foreign government orchestrating a new civil war and genocide in their country is unfortunate.

I would like to ask Oguna a simple question about the family statement he gave to the press: Aren’t you aware of Yusuf Haji’s operation of recruiting Ogaden youth from Garisa to fight in Somalia in a bid to liberate Jubbaland from Al Shabab? Do not you know that Jubbland is a Somali territory and the concern of Al Shabab is not just for one clan, but for all Somali clans living in Somalia?

I am sure Oguna will seek answers from Haji and his son, since he will never know what is happening in Somalia until he takes some time to read the history.

I am sure that the people of Jubbaland are now aware of the genuine motive of Kenyan forces in Somalia. Time has come for the world to recognize Kenya’s conspiracy in Somalia and address this issue carefully.

An all inclusive meeting for Jubbaland should be held in Mogadishu or in another country to resolve the protracting crisis of Jubbaland. The current meeting in Kenya dominated by Yusuf Haji and his clan will only result chaos in Somalia and the whole region including Kenya.

Drs Fatuma Lamungu Nur

PHD in International Politics - New York, USA - Email: swrur@yahoo.com

Editorial 29 April 2022 13:51

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